• Learning to Meditate

    Learning to Meditate

    Meditation is a word that people often misconstrue. This happens because they don’t realize that meditation is something that can make people strong, and it isn’t just some chanting or putting your fingers together. When we talk about meditation, it means that there are many ways that you can meditate, and you can even do it while you are laying down or sleeping. Other kinds of meditation such as tapa, dharana, samadhi, Japa, shoonya or even dhyana are different kinds of meditation that is hard meditation. Not everyone can meditate but you can become in a meditative state. You reach a certain place and do a kind of act when…

  • Teaching Kindness to Kids
    Single Parenting

    Teaching Kindness to Kids

    Parents, teachers and friends need to help to teach children to be kind. When a child has the choice to help someone, it is hopeful that they will. No one wants children that will be rude, hurtful or prejudice. We don’t always live in a kind world. Sometimes grown-ups will show children that kindness isn’t important. Helping others and showing them that this is important can help teach them. Why to Teach Children to Be Kind and Loving Kindness and goodness is something that we can teach children. Just like other kinds of behaviors, children can learn kindness by doing it and seeing it. Children learn these kinds of behaviors…

  • Meditation Mantras
    Life Coaching

    Using Meditation Mantras to Better Your Health

    When you want to meditate, sometimes this is hard, and you have to try to find new techniques to do. Mantra meditating is one kind of technique. Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means mind releasing. If you think of a mantra, this is a phrase or a word that you repeat over and over again when you meditate. Doing this can help you to concentrate on that and let go of things that are in your mind. This will help you to be able to get into the right mindset. Some people that use mantra’s during meditation can become more aware of what they are doing and concentrate more…

  • Couple Rituals that Work
    Family Life

    Couple Rituals that Work

    If you have a partner and you want to have a strong relationship, one of the best ways to have this happen is to do rituals. You don’t have to do hard rituals that take a lot of time, this can be small things that you do to celebrate each other and to show your love. Here are some good rituals to try: Saying hello and goodbye. Spending the first and last part of your day together. Preparing meals together. Celebrating birthdays. Celebrating holidays. Spending weekends. Spending vacations. There are some questions that you can ask your partner if you have a hard time coming up with what to say…

  • Having Peace

    Letting Go of Anger and Having Peace

    One of the worst emotions that someone can have been anger. Anger just does not feel like who you are inside, and it can leave you feeling tired and even depressed. There are ways that you can get rid of anger in your life, and you can improve how you live majorly. Some people believe that anger is something that is on the rise in our world, especially more for women than men. People are always out working and there is less support, and it is harder to find people to be close to. People are often too busy to even have strong social lives and it can lead people…

  • Pranayama

    Using Pranayama to Clear Your Mind

    Pranayama, a type of breathwork, is something that has become very popular. It has been around for thousands of years and was often done by the Hindu Vedas to help fight things such as heart problems, stress, mental issues and now it is said to help fight brain fog that comes from COVID. This is something that is popular that is known to have results that have been proven and the great thing about it is that you don’t need anything in order to do it, just your own body. One great thing about Pranayama is that you can do it each time you have some free time and you…

  • Love Your Partner

    How to Love Your Partner

    No two couples are going to be the same and while you might like to have a quiet night in, someone else might love to hit up the bar or go running the town. There are different tastes and ideas that different couples have but every kind of couple wants the same thing and that is to find happiness in their relationship. Partners want to have happy partners so that they can have peace and happiness. No matter what kind of things you like to do, there are some habits that healthy and happy couples have. Here are some ideas to keep you and your partner going strong: Say Hi…

  • Is Your Mindset an Issue?
    Life Coaching

    Is Your Mindset an Issue?

    Habits are powerful in bringing about changes in our lives. Creating positive habits that move us toward our goals can help create desired results. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and changing behaviors is difficult. Even with the best intentions, we can struggle. This is in large part due to our subconscious. Behaviors are the consequence of thought and when these thoughts are unhelpful, intentions can be sabotaged. If we become aware of our self-talk and the errors, we can change our mindset and begin breaking free from negative patterns. Below are the most prevalent negative mindsets described and how to make real changes. Pessimistic Pessimism is about viewing…

  • Having No Regrets in Life
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    Having No Regrets in Life

    People want to know how to live their life without regret. Having regrets is hard and you wonder if you have made the right decisions in your life. A life without regrets is something that sounds amazing but having no regrets is just a culture and many people believe that they can have this life. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to regret things in your life but since this is something that is impossible, it makes the thought of it unhealthy. People come up with good reasons to think about things they have done but living without regrets is impossible because when we do something that hurts someone…

  • Increase Your Happiness

    Four Proven Techniques to Increase Your Happiness

    Have you ever thought about what you could do to make yourself happier? If so, you’ve found just the right article! Finding happiness isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are a lot of things you can do to help you increase your enjoyment of life and be happier. So, let’s walk through four techniques that put people at the top of their priority lists, treat themselves, and make them happier. Progress Over Perfection Do you think you could excel at everything you do? Of course, nobody can do that. So, the quest for perfection doesn’t make sense. Believing you can do your best is rational. Believing you have…