• Positive Parenting Can Change Your Life
    Single Parenting

    Positive Parenting Can Change Your Life

    Just because you are good at some things in your life does not mean that you are a great parent. Most people that are parents are good at certain things such as being a manager, working at their job or a variety of skills. We all know that there are rules, and we have things that we are able to work through in life and this is all great if you want to be a positive parent. When something is simple, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be easy. Things are hard in life right now and with the new living and the pandemic, living life can…

  • Mood Boosters

    7 Impactful Mood Boosters

    To get through this storm we call life, we must cultivate a resilient mindset.  It is important to work in ways that lift yourself and others upward.  We must find the safe harbors, where we can rest and recharge.  To help you improve your inner strength and resolve we have compiled a list of seven ways you can improve your mood today. Hit pause: You don’t have to react to every little thing.  Understand what stress is yours to carry and what you leave by the side of the road. Release things that drag you down: Do you find yourself shopping for things you never use, or saving items from…

  • Toxic Positivity
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    7 Ways to Replace Toxic Positivity with Value Words

    Many people try to help friends and family when they face something unpleasant. It could be a job loss, a death, or just a daily crisis. While they intend to offer hope and promise, sometimes their words just add to the pain. This is what is called toxic positivity. Toxic positivity is defined as the overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state that results in the denial, minimization, and invalidation of the authentic human emotional experience. Examples of Toxic Positivity There are examples of this behavior all around. Some easy examples are those who ignore, downplay or dismiss emotions after a traumatic event. Another sign of it is to pretend everything…

  • Single Parenting 101
    Single Parenting

    Single Parenting 101

    There are around a quarter of the homes in the United States that are single mother homes and there are other families that have single fathers. This number has been rising steadily over the years with divorce and with death. Single parenting is something that has become very common in life, but it doesn’t mean that being a single parent has gotten easy. If you are a single parent or if you have been single parenting for quite some time, you know that it can be challenging and it can be hard to have a balance in your life, your job and spending the quality time with your children that…

  • Tips for Single Parents
    Single Parenting

    Tips for Single Parents

    If you are recently divorced or you have recently stepped into the role of a single parent, what are some things that you need to remember? Being single probably is not your plan and you probably never thought that you would be raising your kids alone when you expected to be with your partner forever. Every parent is different, and they parent differently. But three are some things that are important for all single parents to know. Be Easy on You Do not beat yourself up about things. The house will get cleaned and things will be cooked, and you will get your job done. If things do not always…

  • Are You Emotionally Available?

    Are You Emotionally Available?

    Have you ever been with someone that was with you but in their emotions, they were far from you? Is there a way to change someone that is emotionally unavailable or to even change yourself? How can you meet someone that will be emotionally available to you? No one deserves to be with someone that is not available to them. When you are available in your emotions, you try harder and you desire to have a better life and a better future. If you want to be emotionally available to someone that you love, you have to make sure that you are giving yourself the emotional availability that you need.…

  • Ruining Your Love Life Without Realizing It

    Ruining Your Love Life Without Realizing It

    Life is not meant to be hurried through or rushed and it also doesn’t mean that you should give up on things that you have never accomplished in your life. Life is meant to be loved and enjoyed and there are moments where you should learn to have fun and to enjoy your life. What You are Doing When you were in middle school, you would want boys to notice you and you would do things to get their attention like smile at the boys or dressing to please them. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, you want people to notice you and this is an age…

  • Strategies to Help
    Life Coaching

    Strategies to Help

    Do you ever find yourself in a time pressure and you catch yourself making mistakes such as sending out a “reply all” message instead of just replying to the person? Once you do it though, you realize that you are going to face negative feedback for your mistake and for the information that you revealed? Do you know the panic and dread that can come from this? Do you feel that your behavior hurts you when you are stressed? All of us have been in a situation where we wish we could do it over. We look at the things we did wrong and we realize that if we could…

  • Learning to Care About Yourself with Decluttering
    Life Coaching

    Learning to Care About Yourself with Decluttering

    Getting rid of messes in your life can help you to improve your state of mind and to have less stress. When you put things in their right place and you increase your self-care, you can change how your mind works and improve how you feel. You are living in a time where everything is very busy, and this can cause you to have bad habits that can lead to stress and anxiety. Having a big mess in your house or a lot of clutter can cause you to be stressed out and cause you to not be able to function at your best. Putting things away around your house…

  • Navigating Being a Queer Parent
    Bad Parenting

    Navigating Being a Queer Parent

    There are many difficulties that come with being a single parent.  One must always be on parent duty without partner to occasionally handle off responsibilities.  There is only one income stream for the family.  There is no partner to share the joys and woes of raising a child.  These difficulties can be even more magnified when this parent is LGBTQ. Being a single parent can forever change the dating scene.  But when you are queer it can be difficult to navigate the broader single parent community.  You may find yourself spending more time with heterosexual individuals since there are limited queer prospects.  This can lead to endless coming out experiences…