• Reasons You are More than Just a Mom
    Family Life

    Reasons You are More than Just a Mom

    One of the best feelings in the world is being a mom and this can make you feel happy to be a woman. You get the opportunity to raise your children and to teach them to do what is right and to be good people. You will show your children support, care, love, affection, and you will love them with unconditional love and understanding. When you are a mother, you are your child’s friends and you will love to have this friend that will last for all eternity with you. You and your child will be able to talk about anything for as long as you are alive. Some mothers…

  • Moving On

    Moving On

    Have you lived a life of ups and downs and realized that life with your ex was over, that he or she had moved on, but you have not yet to do so? Whatever kind of relationship you have had in your life, you need to tell the story again. You may have something that is sad or is traumatic for you where you have been left and felt like the victim where your ex is the one that broke your heart. Maybe they didn’t even want to give the relationship a real chance. Change the story so you become the one in power. Maybe you both tried your best…

  • Dating and Children
    Dating Tips

    Dating and Children

    want to date you with all of your kids. The truth is, there are plenty of people out there that would love to date a single mother. Do not instantly think that just because you have children that you are no longer desirable. There are many people who love children and want to date someone that has children. There are also other parents that are single that would like to be with someone else that is a single parent. There are plenty of people that have no children and would like to start a readymade family. Even when you fit the idea of a single mom or dad, the important…

  • Can Having a Baby Improve Your Relationship?
    Family Life

    Can Having a Baby Improve Your Relationship?

    Babies are certain a joy.  Cute, cuddly and the living embodiment of the love between you and your mate.  As we romanticize the notion of bringing new life into the world, we often conveniently forget the sleepless nights, ear-splitting wails, and lots of body fluids that leak onto clothes.  Babies can hinder a couple’s ability to enjoy a dinner together or even simply healthy communication patterns. Relationship experts highlight a need for reliable communication patterns to be in place well before you consider adding a child into your home.  Make sure you both have the same desire and mindset for children and parenting.  If you feel like you are ready…

  • Don’t Lose Your Identity in a Relationship

    Don’t Lose Your Identity in a Relationship

    It is said that love blinds you. When you find the person that makes you melt, connects to your mind, and adores you, it can be easy to do anything to keep the relationship going. This can easily lead to losing yourself in the relationship. Many people have this happen, even the strongest of individuals. While all relationships will eventually require some type of compromise and sacrifice, this should not all be one sided or completely. No one wants to wake up after years in a relationship to find that they are far from where they started, but in the wrong direction. To avoid this, there are eight ways to…

  • Dating as a Parent
    Dating Tips

    Dating as a Parent

    When parents make poor choices while dating, children are affected. This does not mean parents should put off dating, but that they need to follow some guidelines to protect their children while doing so. Listed below are several things that parents and people who are dating those who are parents should avoid. With these in mind, it is safe to jump into the dating pool without as much concern that your children will suffer. Do Not Post Online Dating sites are the most common way to meet up with someone in this technological age. This is fine, but when posting photos of yourself, do not include photos with your children.…

  • How to Conquer Fear

    How to Conquer Fear

    Those who have problems in life, whether it is a career change or problems in relationships, tend to have one thing in common: fear. Fear kills. It kills opportunities, romance, and even finances. There is a story about three workers. Their boss was going on a faraway trip and wanted them to manage his investments. He gave the first employee 10 accounts to handle, the second 5 accounts and the last 1 account. The first employee took the accounts, reinvested the money in them in areas the boss hadn’t even thought of while the second did nothing with the account. He just checked it some to make sure it was…

  • When You Can’t Be the Strong One

    When You Can’t Be the Strong One

    When you face problems in your life, there are times that you will go through things and have to face hard situations.  If you have lost someone or have experienced them going through some kind of chronic sickness, it can make your life hard.  Things never seem to get easier and each time that you have to face the situation, it feels like the first time and it never gets better. You might feel stress, pressure and overwhelming emotions of sadness and fear.  Maybe, you even feel angry and you have to deal with the hurtful things that illnesses sometimes bring. Life can put us in places where we have…

  • Loving Yourself to Find Love
    Life Coaching

    Loving Yourself to Find Love

    Nothing can bring all of our vulnerabilities and fears to the surface quite as dating can. It’s challenging to stay open and honest, and easy to get discouraged. It sometimes feels as though you’re a contestant on some cheesy reality TV show. It’s as though you’re serving yourself up on a platter and asking others to judge you. You forget that you’re looking for an ideal romantic partner, and that’s all. Too often we’re overwhelmed with messages from potential matches we’re just not that into, or they’re flat-out jerks. We go on date after date after date, and many of them end disastrously. We reject, or we have to reject,…

  • Losing Your Way

    Losing Your Way

    People like to see the real you and to know who you really are.  The words “authentic or authenticity” are always being said and people always say that they are looking for people that are real and authentic. What does being authentic really mean? Authenticity Authenticity is when you are being who you are and you are listening to yourself.  You don’t let the world make decisions for you and you accept who you are and honor yourself above everything else. Selling Out When you are not authentic, people say that you put other things above yourself.  They say that you are selling yourself out.  This means that you are…