• Losing Your Way

    Losing Your Way

    People like to see the real you and to know who you really are.  The words “authentic or authenticity” are always being said and people always say that they are looking for people that are real and authentic. What does being authentic really mean? Authenticity Authenticity is when you are being who you are and you are listening to yourself.  You don’t let the world make decisions for you and you accept who you are and honor yourself above everything else. Selling Out When you are not authentic, people say that you put other things above yourself.  They say that you are selling yourself out.  This means that you are…

  • Being Your Child’s Best Friend
    Single Parenting

    Being Your Child’s Best Friend

    Some parents believe that they cannot be friends with their children because being their friend means that you are not a good parent.  The truth is, being your child’s friend will not hurt them or you and it will not come to a point where you are not able to discipline them.  Here are some ways you can be their friend and their parent: Show Them Kids learn when they see what other people are doing.  If you are not doing what you say or what you tell them needs to be done, they will think that you are not a follower and that you lie.  Before you sit them…

  • Making Your Child Secure
    Single Parenting

    Making Your Child Secure

    When you take your kids places that cause them to be afraid like a theme park or maybe even down a big slide, they need to know that they are safe.  It is the job of the parents to make sure that their kids feel safe and that they grow to be strong and brave.  There has to be ways to keep the children from being full of fear, otherwise, they will become full of stress and anxiety.  There are ways that you can give your child the feelings of security. Time One of the easiest ways to make your child feel secure is to give them time.  Laugh and…

  • How to get closer to your child today
    Single Parenting

    How to get closer to your child today

    Guiding our kids and keep them moving through the everyday routine is part of our job description as parents. This means setting limits, denying requests and correcting behavior. At times we can be emotionally generous such that our kids find it hard to see us as “negative.” Most frequently, love, affirming interactions create a positive balance in our relationship account making our kids give us the benefit of the doubt. Hence, creating such positive interactions with your kid is very important. Research indicates that for us to maintain a healthy and happy relationship that can deal with normal problems and everyday stress, we require at least five positive interactions to…

  • How to Get Your Kids to Talk with You
    Single Parenting

    How to Get Your Kids to Talk with You

    Does it feel like your kids have suddenly stopped want to talk with you?  Prior to entering school, it seemed like they always wanted to share with you.  Now that they are a bit older it seems like they are shutting you out.  We have compiled a few helpful strategies to encourage your kids to talk with you, and with more practice, a more natural and longer lasting dialogue can be established. Take advantage of conversation openings Kids often can leave breadcrumbs of information in the simple exchanges they use with parents.  By noticing and responding they can feel more comfortable going into greater detail.  Kids are not savvy in…

  • Being a Parent and a Friend
    Single Parenting

    Being a Parent and a Friend

    Most people with kids have heard the phrase, “You can’t be their parent and their friend,” but the truth is, you can.  Although we have to sometimes be a boss, this does not have to be a negative thing.  Here are some things that you need to consider before you tell them that you are not their friend. Hurting Your Child When you tell your child that you cannot be their friend, it can cause them to feel that they are unsupported.  They always have our backs and love us and we can always count on our children to love us, but sometimes we do not give our children the…

  • Helpful tips for single parents
    Single Parenting

    Helpful tips for single parents: How to stay sound mind while doing it

    Always take care of yourself You must care for your own needs well before you do anything. You can do everything and be at your best for your children only when you are feeling well-rested and healthy. Several parents always keep the needs of their kids and their last forgetting that this will only result in a never-ending cycle of frustrations.  Make time and do things that will contribute to your well-being. Your children are looking up to you and you need to be well equipped and ready to be there for them. Join hands with other single parents Many times you might think that you are the only one…

  • Having More Satisfaction in Life
    Life Coaching

    Having More Satisfaction in Life

    Life is hard and it can be hectic but you always have to make sure that you are doing the right things and meeting deadlines.  There is always a huge list that never ends of things that you need to do. Within a day, you are trying to figure out how you can get everything done and then sit down to have your dinner.  You find there is never enough time to attend to your own needs and you can go for weeks without having any satisfaction. Make sure that you are doing things to be satisfied in your life and here are some ways to do it. Connect with…

  • Correcting Rebellious Tween and Teen Behavior
    Single Parenting

    Correcting Rebellious Tween and Teen Behavior

    Parenting tweens and teens involves a bittersweet and sometimes difficult mixture of emotions. It’s rewarding to watch your children gain independence. It’s exciting to see them grow into young adults who will venture out into the world and make positive differences in the lives of others. But most teens don’t arrive at these destinations without some behavioral hiccups along the way. These include disrespect, sneakiness, manipulating household rules, negative attitudes, and rebellion. It’s normal to sense that you’ve lost control when your children’s behavior turns rebellious. But there are methods you can employ if your quarrelsome young adults start giving you grief. Here are five strategies to help correct rebellious…

  • Does Your Partner Have Alexithymia?
    Dating Tips

    Does Your Partner Have Alexithymia?

    Alexithymia is a socially limiting psychological condition that wreaks havoc on a person’s emotional life. The condition involves the inability to use words to express feelings or emotions. This affects interpersonal relationships, social attachments, and emotional awareness. Many experts define alexithymia as a neurological disorder. Others consider it to be a psychological disorder resulting in social impacts. Either way, it may be a significant factor contributing to breakups. Psychiatrist Peter Sifneos first described alexithymia in 1972. There are still a lot of unknowns, but scientists believe alexithymia may be rooted in changes in the limbic system. They’ve also concluded that there are no connections between alexithymia and psychopathy. Unlike psychopaths,…