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    “Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” sparks the stay at home mom debate…again

    Unfortunately a majority of mom’s need to go out and work 40 hour work weeks to support themselves and their families, but for some reason there is always a debate about women working out of the home and “leaving” the kids at daycare. This latest show on TLC, Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, is the most recent catalyst for angry emails and discussions among many women. On the show, the mom has been taken from the home and away from her children to pursue another possible passion. At the end of the show, she must make a decision between the job or returning home full-time. In the episodes where…

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    Five Unique Parenting Picks

    Parenting blogs around the web always hit on some hot topics, and this round is no exception. Here are five great posts that I found while cruising this week around the net. Mom/Career Network Site This post gives you a link to a great resource site called It’s great for networking and is geared towards women who are looking re-enter the workplace after being out of the loop for awhile with their kiddies. That’s not all though, it’s got all kinds of mom and career stuff, so click on over & check it out! Stepford Moms This is a humorous post about what one mom comes up with as…

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    Status of Parenting: Dreams, Choices, and Conflicts

    I teach my children that life is not fair, but I also hope to teach them that they can dream about a day when it is. Most people agree that it’s not really about the life you choose, but the power you have in choosing it. There’s nothing worse than feeling that you are a situation that you are in, but wouldn’t have chosen it if there were other options available. For years, people (especially women) have fought to simply have choices available, especially when it comes to parenting. And while we have gained opportunities in the working world, we have also given up some in the “motherworld”. Why is…