• Ways of being both single and better as a parent
    Single Parenting

    Ways of being both single and better as a parent

    Know that you’re not alone if single parenting has left you doubtful and emotional. Quite a number of both single dads and mums always doubt whether they are making their kids satisfied even though it’s clear they are. If you always question your ability to undertake both roles as a mum and dad then just look at what you are already doing well. You can always take lessons from there. After isolating them, you can recognize how impacts can be made from those small changes just like how to become a better parent through the following ways: 1) Have Limits You can set boundaries with your kids as an adult.…

  • How to deal with pregnancy when alone
    Single Parenting

    How to deal with pregnancy when alone

    Pregnancy is a contraction, this is what any mom-to-be will inform you. You will be creating another being inside you for the next nine months and the feeling will be amazing and also confusing. You will be: Happy Stressed Glowing Emotional Pregnancy is hard if you don’t have any support system. In case you are pregnant and alone, you can try the following tips to make everything simpler. Construct your support system You can involve your loved ones in this pregnancy process. They will be able to support you where possible from doctor’s appointments to just being there when you need someone to talk to. You can link up with…

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    Christina And Husband Separate

    Well, you can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Please refer to my post called Pop Star/Wife & Mom? Once again it’s a prime example unfortunately of how when people get married and have children, they still seem to think that just because they may have lots of money and trainers to be able to fit back into those size 0’s again, that they are also going to be able to have their life magically reappear as it was before with a great career and loving spouse, only this time with a kid in toe. Unfortunately gals, it just doesn’t work that way. Out of different celebrity couples, I look…

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    16 And Pregnant And Teen Mom Reduce Pregnancy?

    I’m a huge fan of this show and have done quite a few posts here on it. While some of it is for strictly entertainment value, there’s the other side which thinks that this show is monumental in helping to spread awareness and provide education to young teens out there who are having sex. Most teens and even tweens out there (my 12 year old as an example) do not look at the lives of these teen parents and say, whoa that looks like it’s way fun and cool! Even while I find some entertainment and education in the show myself, I can’t help but look at the position of…

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    Are Relationships Without Children Healthier?

    This question comes to me for a few reasons. The first one being that I happened to look it up and see where they have done studies in Europe and America who say that couples without children are overall happier. The second reason is after my own experience as well as looking at those around me I sort of have came to this conclusion on my own. With all of the reality shows out there that now show couples who are expecting children and the first year or two after they have them, it’s also impossible not to see this undeniable trend of stress on the relationship due to kids.…