• Learning to Meditate

    Learning to Meditate

    Meditation is a word that people often misconstrue. This happens because they don’t realize that meditation is something that can make people strong, and it isn’t just some chanting or putting your fingers together. When we talk about meditation, it means that there are many ways that you can meditate, and you can even do it while you are laying down or sleeping. Other kinds of meditation such as tapa, dharana, samadhi, Japa, shoonya or even dhyana are different kinds of meditation that is hard meditation. Not everyone can meditate but you can become in a meditative state. You reach a certain place and do a kind of act when…

  • Having Peace

    Letting Go of Anger and Having Peace

    One of the worst emotions that someone can have been anger. Anger just does not feel like who you are inside, and it can leave you feeling tired and even depressed. There are ways that you can get rid of anger in your life, and you can improve how you live majorly. Some people believe that anger is something that is on the rise in our world, especially more for women than men. People are always out working and there is less support, and it is harder to find people to be close to. People are often too busy to even have strong social lives and it can lead people…

  • Pranayama

    Using Pranayama to Clear Your Mind

    Pranayama, a type of breathwork, is something that has become very popular. It has been around for thousands of years and was often done by the Hindu Vedas to help fight things such as heart problems, stress, mental issues and now it is said to help fight brain fog that comes from COVID. This is something that is popular that is known to have results that have been proven and the great thing about it is that you don’t need anything in order to do it, just your own body. One great thing about Pranayama is that you can do it each time you have some free time and you…

  • Increase Your Happiness

    Four Proven Techniques to Increase Your Happiness

    Have you ever thought about what you could do to make yourself happier? If so, you’ve found just the right article! Finding happiness isn’t as difficult as you may think. There are a lot of things you can do to help you increase your enjoyment of life and be happier. So, let’s walk through four techniques that put people at the top of their priority lists, treat themselves, and make them happier. Progress Over Perfection Do you think you could excel at everything you do? Of course, nobody can do that. So, the quest for perfection doesn’t make sense. Believing you can do your best is rational. Believing you have…

  • Simplify Your Finances

    Learn to Simplify Your Finances

    We all fall short on our financial goals sometimes. This can come after having to deal with things such as friends, families, our jobs, things like the pandemic and more. Making money can be hard and when things go wrong, it becomes even harder. If you want to figure out some easy ways to manage your money, here are some great ideas: Make a Financial Chart Most people start the new year off with goals and resolutions but as time goes on, most people lose sight of their goals. You should learn to create a budget at the new year and write it all down. Make a calendar and make…

  • Mood Boosters

    7 Impactful Mood Boosters

    To get through this storm we call life, we must cultivate a resilient mindset.  It is important to work in ways that lift yourself and others upward.  We must find the safe harbors, where we can rest and recharge.  To help you improve your inner strength and resolve we have compiled a list of seven ways you can improve your mood today. Hit pause: You don’t have to react to every little thing.  Understand what stress is yours to carry and what you leave by the side of the road. Release things that drag you down: Do you find yourself shopping for things you never use, or saving items from…

  • Seven Tips To Help You Learn to Love Yourself

    Seven Tips To Help You Learn to Love Yourself

    Loving yourself means you accept yourself as you are, and reconcile yourself with the elements of yourself that you can’t change. This involves self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance. We live in a culture that’s obsessed with beauty. We’re conditioned to idolize beautiful people—actors, models, and athletes with perfect teeth, trim waists, and six-pack abs. Therefore, we subconsciously equate happiness and success with attractiveness. But to genuinely love yourself, you can’t let your looks define your value. Your appearance can’t be your sole method for obtaining relationships, sex, or love. It can’t dictate your worth, joy, or family status. It shouldn’t gain you a professional promotion. Look at it…

  • How to Become an Instant Winner Today

    How to Become an Instant Winner Today

    It is a common adage that history is written by the winners.  The goal to win is a central tenant of society and our daily life.  People who are viewed as a winner enjoys ample praise and accolades, such as greater opportunities for success and partnership, as well as improved self-esteem.  This only serves to reinforce a desire to “win” more.  We have compiled ten key strategies to help you become a winner starting today! Set goals In order to be successful, you must set targets and benchmarks you wish to achieve.  This gives you direction and allows you to focus your resources which can help you build confidence and…

  • How to Conquer Fear

    How to Conquer Fear

    Those who have problems in life, whether it is a career change or problems in relationships, tend to have one thing in common: fear. Fear kills. It kills opportunities, romance, and even finances. There is a story about three workers. Their boss was going on a faraway trip and wanted them to manage his investments. He gave the first employee 10 accounts to handle, the second 5 accounts and the last 1 account. The first employee took the accounts, reinvested the money in them in areas the boss hadn’t even thought of while the second did nothing with the account. He just checked it some to make sure it was…

  • Losing Your Way

    Losing Your Way

    People like to see the real you and to know who you really are.  The words “authentic or authenticity” are always being said and people always say that they are looking for people that are real and authentic. What does being authentic really mean? Authenticity Authenticity is when you are being who you are and you are listening to yourself.  You don’t let the world make decisions for you and you accept who you are and honor yourself above everything else. Selling Out When you are not authentic, people say that you put other things above yourself.  They say that you are selling yourself out.  This means that you are…