Stay Away from Evil People

Signs You Need to Stay Away from Evil People

People can define evil, but it isn’t always easy to see. Some people do different behaviors that people would consider evil or wicked. It is hard to define someone that is immoral or evil because some people see things as evil while others don’t.

When you meet someone that is evil, no matter what they say will not change your mind. You know evil when you see it.

Evil people will come from different places and different walks of life. These people are at our workplaces, at our schools, churches, homes or wherever. We can see evil almost everywhere we look if we try to.

Some research has shown that there are things such as narcissism and psychopathy that are common with people that have evil personalities.

These dark traits are called D-factors and they are the way that a person can accept or provoke other people to not be unified and that they believe they are doing that for a purpose.

Some see dark traits in the interests that people have while others feel that hurting people can bring them joy and never guilt or shame. People who score certain things on an intelligent test can find if they have the factor of intelligence, but the dark traits are not as easy to find.

These are different characteristics that someone can have and if they have something like this in them, they might try to use it against you.

Signs You Are Around an Evil Person

There are many different evil people, and they do things and feel good when your life is hurting or bad. This can be a situation that is hard or dramatic and they love to see other people have bad feelings.

When an evil person was hurt in their life, they feel that they should do bad things to others. This could create a situation for you that can hurt you or others around you.

You need to learn to recognize these kinds of people before they do something to you. You need to know that you cannot save them.

Control Issues

People that are evil often have control issues. They want to control you and they feel that if they aren’t in control of you and everything else that they will not make it in their life.

These people will be mean to everyone they meet, and they might be someone that comes across as polite and on time but as you get to know them, you know they are just controlling you.

Going against someone that is evil will cause them to take more action against you. They will want to control you and they will do what they can to hurt you.


Everyone lies and some of the lies seem little while others are big but not everyone is a liar. A liar is a person that is constantly lying and someone that will lie so much that you never know what the truth really is.

Some people that are evil will lie a little bit, but they will lie to make themselves look better. They will also lie to manipulate the situation and make it so that it benefits them.

Feel Strange

A person that is evil will have an energy that comes across as negative.  If you feel strange around someone, you will know it. This can be part of your energy field.

An evil person might feel creepy to you and its because you pick up their energy. If you are around someone and things don’t feel right this can be why.

People might think you are crazy for pointing it out but always trust yourself and know when you need to stay away from someone.

Misleading You

People that are evil will try to control you and make you believe everything they say and do. People will cause you to think one thing when the truth is another thing.

This can come in different forms and can cause you to not know what to believe in or what they are saying is really real.

Have No Remorse

Someone that is evil will not feel bad about anything. They can treat you anyway they want and make you feel weird, and they will not be sorry.

If you ask them why they aren’t apologizing for their behavior, they will make you believe that what they did was the right thing and that you are seeing things from a wrong light.


Evil people are mean, and they do things to hurt others. They are often sly and sneaky, and they can do things that are cruel.

This can happen in the form of fights or hurting animals. Evil people sometimes come across as a victim and they build this life around themselves that causes them to do things to others out of pain in their own life.

Doing mean things can help them to forget about their own problems and to see other people hurt.

No Responsibility

A person that is evil will not ever be responsible for what they do. They will blame others on the things that happen, and they will never apologize.

People Warn You

If you know someone and their family or friends warn you that they are evil or something is wrong with them, listen to them.

They might tell you about the problems that they shared with that person in their life. The evil person will try to manipulate you and tell you they are lying but listen to your gut feeling.

Sometimes a person will come right out and tell you how evil someone is. If that happens, be cautious.

Bad Friends

An evil person has a hard time being a good friend. They will have you in their life for a purpose, but they are going to do things that are against you, even secretly.

Once things go bad with your friendship, they will do things against you or they will no longer be there for you.

Sexists and Racist

People that are evil want the world to be divided and so they will stir up problems. They will be racists or sexists or do what they can to cause people to hate them.

They will use their beliefs to hurt people and to spread evil in the world. People like white supremacists are evil and those that are a bigot are also evil.


Evil people will do what they can to manipulate you. They will have different behaviors and even if they seem kind, they are only doing this to get something form you.

When someone tries to manipulate you, make sure that you do not fall for it. Doing things or receiving things from someone that is evil can cause you to have to pay back at high dollar what they did.

Belittling You

One way an evil person can hurt you is by belittling you. They will put you down and cause you pain even if you haven’t done anything to them.

They will talk about how you look, what you like and what your goals are. They will put down your house and will treat you poorly.

Do not let an evil person change your feelings or make you feel that you aren’t good enough.


Evil people will come, and they will try to confuse you and make you think that you are making bad choices. They will bring chaos in your life and they will have a power over you so that they can hold you back.

Sometimes evil people will make you feel conflicted, but you have to be careful not to fall in their trap.

Double Lives

People that are evil will never tell you that they are evil. They will lead you to believe they are good people, and they will be a different person to everyone. They will learn to make sure no one knows who they are.


Everyone should have boundaries, but an evil person will not. They will be fake or clingy to you and they will do things to be in your life.

They can only be part of your life if you let them and when they try to manipulate you, do not let them in your life.

There are consequences you will face if you let someone in your life that is evil, and you need to make sure that you do not let them in your life. No matter how much they push, keep them at arm’s length so that you can be strong and protected.

They will do whatever they can to manipulate you and lie to you and to control and belittle you.

Once you decide to get rid of this person from your life, you will see that you can never go back to them. You have to leave them behind and live your own life.

An evil person can change if they want to, but you cannot cause them to change or force this and they have to make the choice to change on their own. Once they open their heart to their ways, only then can they start working on becoming a better person.

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