Is Your Mindset an Issue?
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Is Your Mindset an Issue?

Habits are powerful in bringing about changes in our lives. Creating positive habits that move us toward our goals can help create desired results. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and changing behaviors is difficult. Even with the best intentions, we can struggle. This is in large part due to our subconscious. Behaviors are the consequence of thought and when these thoughts are unhelpful, intentions can be sabotaged. If we become aware of our self-talk and the errors, we can change our mindset and begin breaking free from negative patterns. Below are the most prevalent negative mindsets described and how to make real changes.


Pessimism is about viewing the world through a gray view. We fail to appreciate our own strengths and end up with a low self-worth. We view others as more capable and end up closed down out of shame. This can seem like we only have a dark future and remain blind to what could be. To correct this, we need to use self-compassion and give ourselves understanding. This can create courage to do what is needed. Make a conscious effort to find things you are passionate about to find hope in something you enjoy.


A helpless mindset is about fearing a loss of control in an exaggerated manner. This person will see situations as catastrophic and feel they have an inability to rise to the challenge. This in turn leads to avoidance so we never master anything due to lack of trying It is a vicious cycle. To fix this, appreciate your talents and strengths to develop a belief in the self. This can be helped by a strong social circle that shows support when we want to shut down.


Narcissism, a belief in one’s superiority to others, is really based in insecurities. The sense of being too good leads to poor relationships, lowered performance, and further depression and self-doubt. To fix this, learn to be humble and show appreciation for others, especially those who have helped in your journey. Recognize we cannot be perfect and learning can come from anywhere.


A fixed mindset is just as it sounds, an underlying inability to change. This mindset sees our traits as unchangeable. This mindset is fixed by developing a growth mindset and stepping outside our comfort zone. We have to test our abilities in order to truly know them. Failure is an essential part of learning and the journey/ We must learn to take things as less pervasive, personal, and permanent to understand that a failure in one area does not mean we are total failures.

No single mindset is applicable in each situation and we often switch back and forth depending on the situation. By learning to recognize the thought patterns that lead to problematic behaviors, we can change them.

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