Teaching Kindness to Kids
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Teaching Kindness to Kids

Parents, teachers and friends need to help to teach children to be kind. When a child has the choice to help someone, it is hopeful that they will. No one wants children that will be rude, hurtful or prejudice.

We don’t always live in a kind world. Sometimes grown-ups will show children that kindness isn’t important. Helping others and showing them that this is important can help teach them.

Why to Teach Children to Be Kind and Loving

Kindness and goodness is something that we can teach children. Just like other kinds of behaviors, children can learn kindness by doing it and seeing it. Children learn these kinds of behaviors by seeing those around them do it. As adults, we have a way and a responsibility to teach children to be kind.

The brain is wired so that we imitate others. This happens when children are younger, especially. As a kid watches the actions of others, their brain will teach them that they want to do these things as well. This can help them to have behaviors that they will keep for life.

Here are some ways you can encourage children to be kind:

Send Good Thoughts

Wish others to have a good day and send out good thoughts to others. Be mindful when you talk to people and make sure that you are saying things like, “stay healthy,” and “stay happy.” This gets children to have happy thoughts.

Share Stories of Goodness

Find books or tell stories about people that have been changed by kindness and goodness. These stories will stick with the kids and teach them to act kind and loving.


Practice smiling. This shows children that you are happy and that you are warm. This can help to spread kindness to others and the children can pass the smile on.

Complement Others

Take time to complement other people. Do this when you are in line at the store or when you are around someone you know. Give complements and let your child give them to you.

Be Kind

Do kind things to make people feel better. You can get students to perform kind acts to others if you are a teacher by having them draw names and then do something nice.


Try to get your children to put someone else in their shoes. Talk about bullying and how it makes the person feel. Act out emotions and feelings and let your children be more mindful of these things.


Volunteer your time and help others. You can help people that need your help. Go to a soup kitchen or help out at a retirement home. This can show your children that helping makes life better.

Final Thoughts

Being kind and loving is something that feels good. When you teach your children to be kind and loving, they will feel better. Let them see that the world can be a better place if they are kind and caring.

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