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Strategies to Help

Do you ever find yourself in a time pressure and you catch yourself making mistakes such as sending out a “reply all” message instead of just replying to the person? Once you do it though, you realize that you are going to face negative feedback for your mistake and for the information that you revealed?

Do you know the panic and dread that can come from this? Do you feel that your behavior hurts you when you are stressed?

All of us have been in a situation where we wish we could do it over. We look at the things we did wrong and we realize that if we could have stayed calm and thought things through that it would have been better.

Did you know that you can train your brain to be calm even under pressure? Here are some effective things you can do to stay calm even when you want to panic:


People that are thankful for what they have in their life are calmer and less stressed. They have increased energy and they are happy with their life. If you can be more thankful, you can stay calm when pressures build up.

Positive Thinking

When life is hard, think about a positive in your life. This can help you to stop dwelling on the negativities in your life and have less stress.

By thinking about positive things, you allow your brain to go to a stress-free area and you become a weapon against stress.

Shut it Down

It is hard to put down your electronics and disengage from social media, but sometimes you need to do that. When you are feeling overwhelmed and emotional, the best thing you can do is take a break.

Having electronics all the time does not allow you a chances to break and rest. You need to recharge in your life and learn to be secure. Take time and shut it all down for a day or so.


People are sleep deprived because they are so busy. When you start to feel stressed, take time to sleep in. Sleeping is important for your mental and physical health.


Physical activity will keep your body healthy, but did you know that it also can keep your mind healthy? There are many great things that working out can do for you. Do something fun or take the steps at work.

Being physical can calm your body down and help you be more in control.


Mediation can help you to get rid of stress. This allows your brainwaves to slow down and can help you to stay calm, even when things are hard.


Stop feeling like when things go wrong that you are being victimized. Life just happens and can be stressful, but it is worse when you feel sorry for yourself.

You cannot control everything that happens, but you can control how you respond to it.

Healthy Eating

Start eating foods that are healthy for you. This can help you to think more clearly and to stay calm when life gets stressful.


Breathing allows you to get more oxygen to your brain. When you do not have enough oxygen to your brain, it will cause you to be stressed. Learn to deep breathe for a healthy mind and body.

Think it Through

Stop thinking of negative things and keep your thoughts positive. If you are thinking about negative things in your past, it will cause you more stress. Learn to let things go and think through the positive things in your life.


Changing your behaviors can help you to change your mind and to stay calm when stress comes. Learn to take these tips and have a peaceful and calm life.

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