Reasons You are More than Just a Mom
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Reasons You are More than Just a Mom

One of the best feelings in the world is being a mom and this can make you feel happy to be a woman. You get the opportunity to raise your children and to teach them to do what is right and to be good people.

You will show your children support, care, love, affection, and you will love them with unconditional love and understanding.

When you are a mother, you are your child’s friends and you will love to have this friend that will last for all eternity with you. You and your child will be able to talk about anything for as long as you are alive.

Some mothers talk about how easy it is to be a mom and others feel that being a mother is hard, no matter how worth it, it is. When you walk in the shoes of a mom, you will then only know how hard or easy being a mom can be.

When you are a mom, you sacrifice things in your life, and you learn to be more patient and understanding. When someone tells you that you are “just a mom,” do not let it hurt your feelings or feel bad, take it for what it is worth and keep being “just a mom.”

Best Friend

You are the person that carried your child in your stomach for over 9 months and you feel in love with them before they were even born. You loved them from the first heartbeat and you still love them no matter how old they get.

They know who you are, and they calm down when they see you, hear you and smell you and they will stop crying right when you walk into the room.

They love you because you are their mom and they have an instinct to want to be with you. You are the most important person in their life, and you are their hero. You are the person that can make all of the bad things go away and you can fix them with a hug and a kiss. You love them through their hurts and pain, and you are special to them.


Not only are you their mom and their best friend, but you are also their doctor. If your child falls down, you know just the right remedy to fix them. You will hug them, kiss them, and make all of their boo-boos better.

They believe that you are the only person that can make them better and you are always there to fix them and tell them things will be okay. They believe you and trust you and there is no doctor that they would trust more than their mom.

Your child will come to you for help when they have a problem because they know that you know how to fix them.


There is nothing that you cook that your child does not want to gobble up. They can eat out as much as they want but you will make their favorite foods.

You go the extra mile to make their sandwiches look special or to make their favorite dishes. You know what they like, and they know that you will feed them and so they are always happy with whatever you give them.

Your child will be curious about the next great thing you are going to make them.


Not only do you cook for your child, but you also help to keep up the house and help to keep them clean. You do the laundry and you bathe them and make sure that their rooms are spotless so that they can have a fun place to play.

Even though no one really sees it, being a mom is a 24/7, around the clock job and you never get a vacation.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work though because when you see your child smile and say thank you for all that you have done, it makes it all worth it. Your kids are happy, and you are happy and that is all that matters.


It is not easy to be a mom and when your child even starts pre-school, they will have issues and you will worry about them.

They will want to talk to you when they have something go wrong and they know that you will give them good advice and that you will make them feel better after they talk to you.

They will never hide things from you because they know that you will love them and not judge them no matter what they tell you and they will look up to you.


When you have a child, changes are you will drive them from place to place so that they can do all of their activities. They will keep depending on you until they get their own car and license and you will be there to take care of them and take them where they need to go.

When they grow up, they will want you to come and drive them places and they will want to spend time talking to you in the car. Being a full-time mom is special and you should enjoy it.


You will know that you have taught your child a lot when they get older and they call you to know how to do things. No matter what happens, they want you to fix it for them. You will fix toys, fix problems, and give the best advice because you are mom.

When your kids see the things that you do, they will be shocked at what you can fix and how you can make things better.


You are your child’s everything. You are their cook, their maid, their teacher, counselor, their driver, their hairdresser, their friend and even the one that makes bad things go away.

No matter what title you have in your career, nothing is better than having your child smile up at you and believe that you are their hero.

When you look at your child who is always admiring you, chances are you will keep working around the clock to make them happy and to make sure they are safe and secure.

You will get no vacation days and you will always put your children first. But you will be repaid when they tell you how much they love you and respect you.

If you are a mother, keep up the good work. You are amazing and you are strong. You will be successful in your life because you are a great mother. Never give up because you are enough, worthy, special, important and you are the best!

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