Live with Your Depression
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How to Live with Your Depression

Life is full of challenges and when you have to deal with things like depression, it can be even harder. Having friends, going to work, and dealing with life can feel hard, even getting out of bed can be a struggle for someone living in depression.

If you have depression and you need to cope with it and learn to live a better life, here are some things you can do to help you along your journey:


One of the most important things that you can do to help you with your depression is to find a social support group that will be there for you. This can be a family member or a friend. Those that support you can help you to deal with your depression.

A support group is very helpful for someone that is going through depression and if you live in a community that has support groups, join one.

Reduce Anxiety

Being anxious or under stress causes your body to produce more cortisol. This is something that helps you to deal with the pressures in life.

As time goes on, however, this can cause you to have problems, especially if you are facing depression. You need to find ways to lessen your stress in order to improve your depression.

Get Better Sleep

People need sleep and they need good sleep. People that have depression often do not sleep well. If you feel that you cannot fall asleep or you are always waking up tired, you need to figure out how to have better sleep.

One tip is to make sure that you turn off the television and your electronics at least an hour before you are ready for bed. Doing this can help to reduce your brain activity. If you need something to help you sleep, you can use a book or soft music to help you relax.

Use your bed just for sleep and sex. Do not work in your room because it can cause you to associate work with sleep and cause sleeping problems.

Eat Healthy

There is a link between your mental health and your diet. Studies have shown that people with mental illnesses that eat healthier live a less depressed lifestyle.

The brain needs certain nutrients to be strong and when you are eating things that are hurting you or making you unhealthy, it can increase your depression. One study shows that someone with a zinc deficiency is more likely to be depressed.

Make sure you consult your physician before you start taking any supplements or do major changes in your diet.

Negative Thinking

Depression makes you feel bad and be negative about life. When you can change your mindset and not let negative thoughts fill your mind, you can make yourself feel better.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of therapy that can help you to get rid of negative thinking and to get rid of depression. You can also read self-help articles, take online classes, and find other ways to change your thinking mindset.

Stop Procrastinating

Being depressed can cause you to be tired. Stop putting off things that cause you to feel sad and to feel guilty. Learn to do things and set short term goals so that you don’t have to be stressed about getting stuff done.

Clean Your House

It can be hard to clean and have an orderly house when you are depressed but living in a mess can cause you to be more depressed.

Do not let paperwork pileup or the dishes. Learn to get things done so that you feel better about yourself.

By taking control of your chores, you can get things done and start feeling better. Once your home looks better, you will feel better in your spirit.

Make a Wellness Box

Find a box that you can use to help you to feel better. These tools are things that you can have to make you feel good when you are sad or upset.

Listen to something on the radio, take a warm bath, pet your animal, read a book, or do something that makes you feel better when you are down.

Put a list of activities in your box and when you feel down, pull one out and do it. If you or your friends are struggling with depression, talk to a doctor in your area to help you.

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