Mood Boosters

7 Impactful Mood Boosters

To get through this storm we call life, we must cultivate a resilient mindset.  It is important to work in ways that lift yourself and others upward.  We must find the safe harbors, where we can rest and recharge.  To help you improve your inner strength and resolve we have compiled a list of seven ways you can improve your mood today.

  1. Hit pause: You don’t have to react to every little thing.  Understand what stress is yours to carry and what you leave by the side of the road.
  2. Release things that drag you down: Do you find yourself shopping for things you never use, or saving items from failed relationships?  Create space for things that bring you joy by purging things that foster negative emotions.
  3. Animals: You can snug with your favorite mutt, or cuddle up with a treasured childhood stuffie.  If you are still craving animals.  Explore Instagram or Reddit for some uplifting animal content!
  4. Turn off the news! Consider disconnecting for 24 hours from the daily news cycle.  This includes the tv, internet and social media.  Taking a step break from the heaviness can lighten your spirit!
  5. Move it! If you feel stuck mentally, try exercising your physical body.  Talk a walk outside, do some gentle yoga, or turn on your favorite playlist and dance like no one is watching.
  6. Shift your thoughts: Transform your inner world into external insight on the forms of a journal page, a call to loved one or even a scream into a pillow.  Releasing your feelings will help immensely, trust me.
  7. Prioritize joy: Don’t put off doing things that bring a smile to your face.  Fix your favorite meal, binge your favorite show, or indulge in a bubble bath.  If it brings you peace then ensure it moves to the top of your self-care list.

On the surface these mood boosters may seem simple.  But even small changes can create vast improvements in your life.  They make give you the strength to carry on during a particularly trying day or provide inspiration to another person who needs a willing ear.  Celebrate the small and joyful moments in life and notice how over time you begin to feel lighter and happier!

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