• Should you stay together for the kids
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    Should you stay together for the kids

    It is not a new concept to stay in a relationship so that the children don’t have to be upset.  Is this a wise choice? Divorce, particularly when there are children to consider, is a difficult decision to make.  Divorce is a stressful and ugly time of life for everyone involved.   And it doesn’t help that divorce tends to bring out the absolute worst in people.  Hurt and anger take control and it is hard to decide what is most important for the children. This situation requires that both parties work on they issues and marriage before deciding to divorce.  This may include getting counseling and do some research with…

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    Grandmother Gives Birth To Grandchild

    After suffering from two unsuccessful pregnancies, one of which was twins who were stillborn, a Chicago family tried a different route. Christine Casey, 61 years old, made the decision to be the surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law. Wow. The pregnancy was successful and now they are celebrating their new son and grandson. Casey delivered the baby C-section. I love my daughter more than anything in this world. I couldn’t imagine having to watch her suffer through the heartache and pain of those miscarriages. But to be a surrogate for her? Honestly, I’m just not so sure about that. First of all, my body has taken a beating from pregnancy…