Having Peace

Letting Go of Anger and Having Peace

One of the worst emotions that someone can have been anger. Anger just does not feel like who you are inside, and it can leave you feeling tired and even depressed. There are ways that you can get rid of anger in your life, and you can improve how you live majorly.

Some people believe that anger is something that is on the rise in our world, especially more for women than men. People are always out working and there is less support, and it is harder to find people to be close to. People are often too busy to even have strong social lives and it can lead people to feel angrier than they ever have.

If you feel that your life is full of anger, maybe you get mad at the easiest thing or you find yourself cursing at people driving slowly in front of you, there are some things that you can do to pull your horns in and lessen your anger.

Give Yourself Time

You need to have more than a minute in order to let strong emotions pass over you. If you want to feel calm, you need at least 20 minutes to even 60 minutes in order for the emotion to really leave you. When you try taking just a minute, and finding ways to get calm, it is just a fake calm, and the anger is there.

People need to have real time in order to center themselves and in order to really be calm.

Be Mindful

It is important for you to be mindful of how you are acting. When you are being mindful, you have the parts of your brain that will help you to be more aware of what is going on. This allows you to stop being negative when things get hard.

When someone does something and makes you angry, be mindful of what you are thinking and keep your negative thoughts in.

Things Will Pass

Remember that even if you don’t know it or not, something bad that is happening will pass and it will be okay. You have to learn to let things go and not to let something keep bothering you. If something happens, be angry but then let it go so that you don’t keep wasting your time being angry.

Journal It

Journaling your feelings can help you to not be so angry. This is something that you can do on your own. Instead of writing a letter or an email to someone that you are mad about, write it out and send it to yourself. This can help you to be calm and help you to feel better without upsetting someone along the way.

Do Fun Things

Find things that you enjoy and do them. Spend more time dancing, going out, spending time with your friends, or meditating. Figure out what kind of hobbies that you love and take time to do them. Doing fun things will help you to get rid of stress and will create positive emotions.

Don’t Take Everything Personally

Things will happen and sometimes they are not even directed at you. Instead of taking things so personally, don’t let yourself and your mind get involved in it. This can be hard to do when someone makes you mad, but instead of getting angry, don’t let everything that someone does make you mad. Just live your life and move forward.

You Are Hurting Yourself

Remember that when you get angry then you are only hurting your own self. This can cause you to have added stress and cause you to feel anger towards other people. You need to learn to have fun in life and do not let resentment take your life or cause you to hold grudges. Get rid of negative emotions and let things go.


You do not have to let anger control your life. The way that you deal with things is up to you and when you want to have a happy life, do not let things such as hurt and anger ruin that for you. Learn to cope with your feelings and handle them and you will be able to move forward with peace and with joy.

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