What Daughters Learn from Strong Mothers
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What Daughters Learn from Strong Mothers

Mothers play a huge role in the lives of their children and they teach them things that are imperative to their journey.

Here are some things strong mothers teach their daughters:

Fall but Get Up

Everyone will fall and will make bad decisions. Even if you fall apart and things do not work the way that you want them to, get up.

Life is not about how hard you fall but how strong you stand up.


You will find people in your life that will take advantage of you. You will be in toxic relationships when you think that you have great partners and friends.

These people will show you what it is like to hurt and to not trust others, but you have to keep an open heart.

Just because your heart gets broken does not mean that you close it. Learn to have a pure heart and keep it open.

Love Hurts

You will meet guys in your life that will act like they love you when they do not. You will fall in love and you will be manipulated and taken advantage of.

Remember that even when you are hurt that you cannot give up. You have a lot to offer someone and when you build walls around your heart then you will not be able to find the perfect love.

Be You

Even if someone tells you that you are ugly or stupid it does not mean it is true. You are perfect just the way that you are. Being unique is important and if someone cannot love that about you then let them go. If someone doesn’t like what you have to offer, move forward.

Find someone in your life that gives you happiness and respects you and never settle for less.

Life is Short

Do not wait to do something that you want to do. Live your life like tomorrow it will end. You never know what God has planned for you.

Live life to where you do not want to be held back. When you get older, you do not want to regret things in your life.

Find what makes you happy but do not hurt people to reach your goals.


Find a guy in your life that will treat you good and complete you. You should not have to compete for their love. You are worthy to be loved and you are good enough.

Do not hold your head low because someone makes you feel bad about who you are. Do not try to take care of someone just because you are afraid, they will leave you. If your guy is threatening to leave, let him. Be happy with your own life and you will find true love.

Your Happiness

People will not make you happy and neither will this world. You are responsible to find your own happiness. If you feel good about who you are, and you learn that you want good things in your life then you will not let others take your happiness.

If you find that life is not what you want, don’t cry about it. Learn to change instead. If you have an idea of what you want, take charge of it, and let your own inner power guide you.

Listen to Your Feelings

Women have intuition and this is something that allows them to know what is going on without proof. Listen to what your gut is telling you. Listen to your heart and you will never fail.


You will have problems in your life, but this isn’t because you are a bad person. You will have things happen to you and this does not mean that your life is over.

Do not pout or cry over your life but learn to change your destiny. Be strong and believe in the good things that you do.

Listen to what people say but make your own decisions based on what you want. If you mess up at least you made the choice and not someone else.


You will make bad choices in your life. You will mess up. There will be situations in your life where you will have problems. When you mess up, admit it. Confess when you are wrong. When you mess up, do the best you can to change yourself and to be better. Learn from your mistakes.

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