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  • Strategies to Help
    Life Coaching

    Strategies to Help

    Do you ever find yourself in a time pressure and you catch yourself making mistakes such as sending out a “reply all” message instead of just replying to the person? Once you do it though, you realize that you are going to face negative feedback for your mistake and for the information that you revealed? Do you know the panic and dread that can come from this? Do you feel that your behavior hurts you when you are stressed? All of us have been in a situation where we wish we could do it over. We look at the things we did wrong and we realize that if we could…

  • Learning to Care About Yourself with Decluttering
    Life Coaching

    Learning to Care About Yourself with Decluttering

    Getting rid of messes in your life can help you to improve your state of mind and to have less stress. When you put things in their right place and you increase your self-care, you can change how your mind works and improve how you feel. You are living in a time where everything is very busy, and this can cause you to have bad habits that can lead to stress and anxiety. Having a big mess in your house or a lot of clutter can cause you to be stressed out and cause you to not be able to function at your best. Putting things away around your house…

  • Loving Yourself to Find Love
    Life Coaching

    Loving Yourself to Find Love

    Nothing can bring all of our vulnerabilities and fears to the surface quite as dating can. It’s challenging to stay open and honest, and easy to get discouraged. It sometimes feels as though you’re a contestant on some cheesy reality TV show. It’s as though you’re serving yourself up on a platter and asking others to judge you. You forget that you’re looking for an ideal romantic partner, and that’s all. Too often we’re overwhelmed with messages from potential matches we’re just not that into, or they’re flat-out jerks. We go on date after date after date, and many of them end disastrously. We reject, or we have to reject,…

  • Having More Satisfaction in Life
    Life Coaching

    Having More Satisfaction in Life

    Life is hard and it can be hectic but you always have to make sure that you are doing the right things and meeting deadlines.  There is always a huge list that never ends of things that you need to do. Within a day, you are trying to figure out how you can get everything done and then sit down to have your dinner.  You find there is never enough time to attend to your own needs and you can go for weeks without having any satisfaction. Make sure that you are doing things to be satisfied in your life and here are some ways to do it. Connect with…

  • Dealing with bullies
    Life Coaching

    Dealing with bullies

    Every generation has had to deal with bullies, usually around middle school age. Now it seems that bullies are emerging sooner in the younger grades. How do you spot it and what can you do? Bullying takes many forms.  It ranges from the physical such as pushing or hitting. It can also be psychological  and verbal like name calling and spreading rumors. Social media has only popularized the bullying by bringing further attention to the bullies themselves. These bullies can operate quite freely after school hours using text messages and emails. This is called cyber bullying and is quite dangerous because, despite of what is believed, the internet is forever.…