Stay Motivated When Times Are Hard
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Stay Motivated When Times Are Hard

What are you doing in your life? What kind of goals have you set? How far have you gone to reach the goals that you set? What would happen if you gave up on your goals?

If you aren’t sure what to do in life or if you aren’t sure how to reach your goals, the best thing that you can do is to sit down and write down what you want. Write out your goals, the things that you have been successful at and what is motivating you. Remind yourself each day what your goals are and why you want to reach them. Focus on the small things and see if you can reach your overall goals.

Imagine Success

Imagine what it would feel like to be successful. This is something that is often done by professional athletes, musicians and other people that are very successful. By imagining their games, their music, and other things, they can be more successful in what they do.

You can use this in anything in your life. Imagine what you want, think of the details, and then talk to yourself about what it would take to get there.

Once you think of the goals that you want to reach, pay attention to the challenges that you will face. It is also important to imagine the failures that you expect to go through so that you can know what might stand between you and your goals.

Do Something Good for Yourself

Take time to rest and go out and do something that makes you feel good. Go on a vacation or take a few hours to nap or to read a book. You can even go out on a walk-in nature, or you can meet up with some friends.

Taking a step back will help you to have more energy and to be more motivated. Don’t answer your phone for a while and enjoy your hobbies.

Face Your Challenges

You can face your challenges head on by looking at them differently. Don’t look at the challenge as a whole but break it down so that you can be successful a little at a time. As you reach your success, you will be more motivated.

Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate yourself in small steps. Don’t just celebrate when you reach the end goal but celebrate as you take small steps. As you begin your journey, celebrate each step along the way.

Each time you reach another step towards your goal, celebrate yourself so that you can be more motivated to keep pushing forward.

Find Support

Find people in your life that are going to support you. Find a mentor or someone from your past that has done hard things and see if they can show you the way.

Talk about things like problem solving and find community support if you need to. There are going to be people that are willing to give you feedback on what you are doing great and what you need to work on.

Be Inspired

Take time to be inspired. You can put effort into this by looking online, listening to messages that lift you up and find things that leave you feeling that you can do anything.

Reach Your Goal

Figure out what will really motivate you to reach your goal. Set a plan and when you reach your last step, give yourself something that is meaningful. Set a big reward for yourself and motivate yourself to do your best.

What would make you never give up? Find the perfect reward and then put reminders in your mirror or around your room.


Exercise can help to boost your mood and can reduce stress. This can also build up your body and build up your self-esteem.

Don’t Give Up and Don’t Wait

Don’t be someone that gives up but find ways to get things done. Don’t procrastinate or wait to do things at a later time. Start right now. Create a schedule and do it. If you are used to getting up later than normal, set your clock to something earlier and start forcing yourself to get up. Don’t wait to get things done.

Final Thoughts

Everyone faces hard times and sometimes it can be hard to feel motivated. No matter what is going on in your life, know that each day there will be something new that you can do. Get motivated to reach your goals and find new opportunities that can bring you joy.

As you start each day new, you will see that you can achieve new things and you can see big successes along the way.

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