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Get Rid of Negative Habits and Live a Positive Life

Emotions happen and they come over and over again. Changing your emotions can be hard and in order to do this, you have to be able to change your behaviors.

Some people will respond to their emotions negatively and if you are easily aggravated or negative then you will always expect things to go wrong in your life. You may be someone that is bitter by all of the things that have happened and so you automatically respond negatively when life gets hard.

How do you become happy? How long do you have to pretend to be happy to actually feel it? Being positive can help you to change your mindset. Scientists have proven that when you are positive, you will start seeing things in a different light. When you choose to be positive you can start living a healthy and happy life.


Learn to be thankful for what you have. Praise other people when they do good. Talk about what you are thankful for. You can even journal your thankfulness so that you can read it each day.

Being a Victim

Stop being a victim. Do not put your problems down but learn to face them and fix them.

Find Solutions

When problems do come, learn to solve them. This means you are growing, and you are not wasting your energy being mad about it, but you are fixing it.

Stop Gossiping

Do not gossip while you are at work or with your friends. Learn to speak more positively and learn to be kind. If you find yourself gossiping, stop it right away.


Smile even if you don’t feel like it. This can help you to feel happier and to be more attractive. This sends endorphins to the brain that you are happy.


Figure out ways to make yourself laugh. Laugh at yourself and at stupid things. Enjoy your life like a child.

Small Stuff

Don’t let the small stuff get you down. Don’t get angry over small things but see how much they really a matter before you react.


Don’t take everything that happens personally. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Don’t feel that everything that happens is an attack on you.


Fix your mistakes and then forgive yourself. If you feel guilt or shame, work through it and then forgive.

Positive Criticism

Learn to take positive criticism. Allow yourself to hear what you have done wrong and take it positively. This is a way you can change.

Don’t be Miserable

Stop living your life full of misery. Don’t be insecure and learn to be happy. Don’t say things unless you are being nice.


Stop judging others and putting them down. When you see someone, say something positive instead of letting yourself say negative things. Your initial assessment of someone might not be right and you need to make new connections anyways.


Stop watching so much news. Focus on things that are positive and get rid of news that is always negative. Do not spend so much time on the news but concentrate on making yourself better.

Looking at Your Mistakes

Stop looking back at all the things you have done wrong and reflect on what you have done right. We all make mistakes. Get over it and move on.

Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to be kinder and to be better. Think of things that are productive and get rid of negative thoughts. Try to not have a negative thought for 2 days and then increase that number.


Stop generalizing everyone. Not everyone is the same and people are always different. If you meet one person, they will not be the same as someone else.

When you start generalizing, change this and ask yourself for proof.


Get rid of negative influences out of your life. Stay away from people that are negative and surround yourself with positive people.

Be Kind

Do kind things for people out of nowhere and for no reason. Do random acts of kindness to strangers and you will see that this will raise your self-esteem and make you feel better.

Let Your Anger Out Constructively

When you feel angry, let it out but be constructive with it. Take a deep breath and walk away instead of screaming. Take a few minutes alone or do what it takes to keep your cool.

I Can’t

Stop saying that you cannot do something and do the best you can do achieve anything you want to do in your life.

What Happens When You Do These Things?

  • You become more attractive.
  • You draw people into you.
  • You have people that want to be in your life.
  • You become productive.
  • You spend less time asking questions and more time doing things.
  • You are happier with who you are.

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