Ways of being both single and better as a parent
Single Parenting

Ways of being both single and better as a parent

Know that you’re not alone if single parenting has left you doubtful and emotional. Quite a number of both single dads and mums always doubt whether they are making their kids satisfied even though it’s clear they are. If you always question your ability to undertake both roles as a mum and dad then just look at what you are already doing well. You can always take lessons from there.

After isolating them, you can recognize how impacts can be made from those small changes just like how to become a better parent through the following ways:

1) Have Limits

You can set boundaries with your kids as an adult. Let kids be kids and don’t let them change your opinions even if they don’t like anything you are telling them.

2) Have Rules and Regulations in your house

It is only through having rules that your kids will be able to know your expectations. Let the rules just be short so that they can always remember. It also makes you pay attention to what you require of them.

An everyday routine should be made

3) These are schedules that should make our daily life easier

You definitely have some activities you engage in every morning when you wake and every evening before you sleep. And just like that, there are also things that your kids can do in the morning and in the evening.

4) You can do away with something on your every day to do list

You can do something that you’ve always found hard doing. You’ll feel closer to your kids if you are in charge of your life.

5) Say No

Learn to say no and always mean it. Maybe you are used to agreeing to things even if you feel hesitant. This is now your chance to stop saying yes. Even if it’s your kids who like arguing with you and maybe convinces you to change your mind, do not. Let them know that their plan will fail although it worked before.

6) Say Yes

Once they are aware that you meant your “No,” you can surprise them with a yes unexpectedly. It is through having fun that you’ll be able to build a good relationship with your kids and they will be able to cooperate with you in everything.

7) Involve your Ex-partner even if you don’t feel like

Support your ex’s relationship with the kids as long as he or she is involved. It is good to co-parent together, especially for the sake of your kids.

8) Be a Good Example

Your kids learn everything from you at the moment.

9) Be Approachable

Your kids should be free to share with you anything. Let them be aware of that. And if they talk to you do not be judgmental but always listen to them.

10) Have Self-love at Times

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. When you do something for yourself, focus on how you will feel after. There are chances that you will be happier with your kids than you were before you took a “me” time off.

11) Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Parenting alone should be able to teach you that there are things you can do although you might not be comfortable doing them. Do not shy away from things you are not good at. Just practice those skills and you’ll be perfect.

12) Set Goals for Yourself

You should have an idea of where you would like to be one year from now both professionally and personally.

You can write those goals down or share them with your friend who is able to uplift you.

Lastly, know that there is nothing like a perfect parent. But we can better ourselves by taking good care of our kids.

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