Making Your Child Secure
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Making Your Child Secure

When you take your kids places that cause them to be afraid like a theme park or maybe even down a big slide, they need to know that they are safe.  It is the job of the parents to make sure that their kids feel safe and that they grow to be strong and brave.  There has to be ways to keep the children from being full of fear, otherwise, they will become full of stress and anxiety.  There are ways that you can give your child the feelings of security.


One of the easiest ways to make your child feel secure is to give them time.  Laugh and talk with them and treat them like normal people and not just children.

Show Love

Children have to be shown love from their parents or caregiver.  It is important to hug them, kiss them and hold hand with them.  Carry them while they are little and let them know that they are safe and that you love them.

Give Them Praise

Building your child’s self-esteem is one of the best ways to make your child feel more secure and grow into a healthy young adult.  Self-esteem is important and each child needs to know that they are smart, strong and worthy.  Praise them when they do things that are good and talk to them when they mess up.  Let them know that you are proud of them and that people make mistakes.  Giving them love and encouragement will help them to grow and be secure later in life.


Always have boundaries for your children.  Not only do boundaries help to keep them safe, they also help to keep them secure.  Make sure that doors are locked, and gates are clothes.  Make sure that your child knows the boundaries in the home and outside of the home.  Boundaries are there for the safety of your children so use them.


One of the biggest problems in today’s society is listening.  As parents, we are always busy working, checking messages and doing important chores.  It is important that you take time to talk and listen to your children.  Talking to them will give them a sense of who they are and will help them feel more secure.  Give them reasons to tell you things, ask them about their day and what they like to do.  Talk to them but more importantly, listen.  Listening will build trust.

Have Fun

Laugh, play and have fun.  Having fun with your children is important for their growth.  Playing with your child and being silly with them will help them know that they have a secure family, and this will bring them joy.

Know Their Talents

Point out and know the talents that your children have.  Help them to know what they can do and what they do very well.  Teach them to do new things and let them find new talents that they didn’t know they ha d.  Show them how to cook, clean, build, fix things.  Show them how to do things through play.  Pay attention to what they are good at and help them grow that talent.

Give Balance

Have a balance between rewards and consequences.  Don’t get angry at them when they mess up and always be fast to show mercy.  If your child makes a mistake, explain why it was a mistake and explain to them that everyone messes up.  Let them see that you always will love them and forgive them no matter what.

Love, Love, Love

No matter what your child does, you will love them. Tell them that and tell them that often.  Let them know that when they mess up that you love them.  Hug them when they make mistakes, talk to them, show them that you love them no matter what.  No matter what happens, show them love.  This love will bring security.


Let your child know that they have a higher purpose on Earth and that God loves them and has given them a life for a reason.  Pray with your child and show them to love others.  Let them know that loving God and loving others is very important.  Showing that they have a bigger purpose can give them security and help them to know how important that they really are.

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