Being Your Child’s Best Friend
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Being Your Child’s Best Friend

Some parents believe that they cannot be friends with their children because being their friend means that you are not a good parent.  The truth is, being your child’s friend will not hurt them or you and it will not come to a point where you are not able to discipline them.  Here are some ways you can be their friend and their parent:

Show Them

Kids learn when they see what other people are doing.  If you are not doing what you say or what you tell them needs to be done, they will think that you are not a follower and that you lie.  Before you sit them down to tell them that they did something, make sure that you know that you are doing the right thing.  Lead by example.


When you are forced to focus on things that your child has done wrong, make sure that you are highlighting the good things that they have done.  Maybe your child isn’t great at one thing but is amazing at something else.  Show them how amazed you are at what they can do.  Express how thankful you are for them and how proud you are with them.  Encourage them to do better when they mess up and show them that you love them even in their mistakes.


One big thing in a child’s life is that they have to learn to make decisions.  When there is something that needs to be done, include your child in the decision-making process.  Ask them where they want to go  on vacation or what they want to plan for dinner.  Give them two options so that they know what they can choose from.  They will feel important if you allow them to be a part of the decisions.


It is hard not to be over-protective of your kids but teach them to do things without you always being there.  Let them have a hobby and let them make mistakes and learn from them.


When your child decides he or she wants to do something, respect their choice.  If they tell you that they want to be a teacher and you were hoping for a doctor, don’t say anything but kindness about their decision.  Let them know that you support them no matter what and that you are there for them.

All parents worry about their children and their future and so if you have a concern, talk to them about it but let them always choose that path of their life.  They will be happier and will want to come to you in the future if you are kind and discuss things with them.  This will also show them that they don’t have to be extreme if their goals change and that you are there for them always.

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