Being a Better Parent After Divorce
Single Parenting

Being a Better Parent After Divorce

Even though they say that children can heal after going through a divorce, the truth is, this can leave children with permanent scars. After years of marriage, you might feel guilty when your relationship with your spouse is not working out. Even though your kids will be able to heal after this, there is still a lot of grief that comes when parents split.


Co-parenting can work well but it doesn’t heal any of the holes that divorces leave. Schedules might become harder and weekend stays can be confusing. It can cause your children to have to spend their birthdays and holidays with only one parent and it can leave the home feeling empty and quiet.

In the midst of all of this, you can figure out how to be a better parent. You will see that there will be less arguments, less feelings of guilt and separation and less avoiding others in the house. You might even feel relieved that that part of your life is over.

You can figure out that your parenting skills might help you to have a clearer purpose with more honesty, better conversations, and more value. There might be a stronger feeling of security, stability, and laughter.

When the dust has settled from the divorce, there is newness in your life, and this means new beginnings and peace and improvement in your relationships with your children and even outside families.


Concentrating on your kids instead of having to deal with fights and anger can make your kids realize that you can give them your uninterrupted attention.


Learn to make purposeful time with your children and dedicate time for them.

Let Things Go

With this time, you might have realized that our can become more mindful and that the small stuff is not worth stressing about.


After your divorce, you might realize that you make better food choices and that you have more time for working out without being as depressed and stressed that you were. This can be the same for your children as well.

Quality Time

Since your children are probably a part of shared custody, remember that your children are a priority. Take time for movies and fun filled days.


Being engaged in every activity is not necessary and when you are a single mother, you sometimes have to play catch up so you can take your kid to activities and do fundraisers. Being a single mother can allow you to be more engaged in these activities.

Personal Life

Once you realize that your life is changed, you can engage more in your personal life and the life of your children. As your children grow, you can get rid of negative things in your life and personalities that might have caused stress in your past life.

Simple Things

One of the greatest rewards of being a mother after a divorce is that you can learn to relax and enjoy simple things in your life such as helping your kids with their homework or going for walks.

Sometimes, you might need to ask your children how they are handling the divorce and even if they say that it has been hard, notice the positive changes that will come to your family.

If your child is struggling with the divorce, learn to understand them, talk to them, and know that our world can be traumatic. We must be there for our kids and help them through negative things in their life such as divorce or other things.

Give your child a lot of love and grace and it will help them make it through anything, hard or easy.

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