Ruining Your Love Life Without Realizing It

Ruining Your Love Life Without Realizing It

Life is not meant to be hurried through or rushed and it also doesn’t mean that you should give up on things that you have never accomplished in your life. Life is meant to be loved and enjoyed and there are moments where you should learn to have fun and to enjoy your life.

What You are Doing

When you were in middle school, you would want boys to notice you and you would do things to get their attention like smile at the boys or dressing to please them.

Even if you don’t know what you are doing, you want people to notice you and this is an age where people are already starting to be together and finding what they want in your life.

Holding Hands

In high school, you will worry if you are good enough or if you have people in your life that will like you. Maybe you cry at night and wish someone would hold your hand or love you.


When you rush into anything, rushing into dating can be something that is not good. We often rush into our first dates or want to be kissed fast. We don’t want to ruin things, but we don’t think about how fast we are going or what we are doing by rushing love.

Rushed Relationships

Relationships aren’t meant to be rushed and losing your virginity is something that you should not rush into doing it. Maybe you lost yours at a party or that you ran to a boy that you had a crush on just so you could have sex with them to make them happy.

You never stop to think that being like everyone else is not helping you and that you will later realize that you should have never rushed into life or love.

Love and Game

Love can be ruined when it is rushed. We ruin it when we do not care what love means to us and we rush into everything such as kisses, relationships, sex, dating and even marriage.

Pleasing Others

Stop trying to please everyone and stop trying to be something that you aren’t. Learn to enter relationships with love and happiness.

Pretending We Don’t Care

Love should be respected, and it is something that everyone deserves. You have to learn to care about what you need and what you want instead of what everyone tells you that you want and need. Learn to care and love people that treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.


Love can be ruined when we pretend that love isn’t something that is special. Even though all that we want in our lives is to find real love, we often pretend that it is not special because we are afraid of it. Remember that love can be magical and that we all want someone that we can come home to.

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