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Should Parent’s Get Report Cards?

This is a question that has been thrown around in the media recently after a Florida politician made the proposal. Hmmmm.

While report cards don’t go out right now on parents, there’s no doubt in my mind that we are always graded constantly regardless. I’m sure there isn’t one set of parent’s that the teacher hasn’t made their own imaginary diagnosis of by the middle of the school years. But most of the the imaginary report card is usually always in our own minds of whether we are passing or failing at parenthood. And let’s face it, if most of us are honest, we are usually always at least below average.

Isn’t parenthood already hard enough? Does this Floridian politician have her own set of children to manage? I doubt it.

I don’t want to use parenthood already being hard enough as an excuse for parents not being held accountable when it comes to their child’s academics. But we already usually know what parent’s are hugely involved and what parent’s could care less, right? Is passing out a report card to them really going to change that?

Hate to add another reason or excuse here, but some parent’s have a hard enough time holding down the fort at home and working full-time jobs. After running to the grocery story, cooking a meal, spending a usual almost hour nightly on homework and preparing Jimmy and Sue with their bath and favorite bedtime story, where is the energy to even think about anything else but grabbing a night cap and pillow?

So while yes, parent’s are responsible to some degree on how well their children are doing in school, there are many other factors. There is also the fact that they spend more hours in school than at home. And while education should be an important part of home life, so should a parent just being able to enjoy their time with their kid…without worrying about being graded or what school project is coming up next. All I can say is if they start handing out report cards then I’ll have another idea! Why don’t they just start handing out paychecks right along with them?

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