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Octomom Hustles To Save Home

Well it’s not just the below the radar people who are struggling to meet their financial obligations these days with the rough economy. It seems that the “celeb-reality” star Octomom has had her own financial woes mounting up to the point of feeling the need to do everything from have a huge yard sale where she also was charging $10 per picture taken with her but then even showing up at a bar to serve drinks to people who actually wanted to pay to have her make theirs! It seems this go around she has escaped by managing to catch up on her mortgage with her extreme efforts, however who knows what the future holds for the mom. It’s not looking too promising.

From day one, this out there mother has not had it easy. There are the pictures of her huge belly all over the web and painful videos that tape her without enough arms to care for all eight children at the same time. There are the videos of one of her kids cursing and obviously displaying horrible behavior towards her. And not only did her reality television dream sink right in front of our eyes, but it seems this poor lady still can’t get a break. I mean what does someone as a single parent do with all of those children in order to financially sustain them other than look to the government or try to capitalize off the freakish nature of it all?

Even though we all know that her decision to go with fertility treatments was just as insane as the doctor who helped her have them, I don’t think there is any way in the world that she could have been prepared or understood the possible outcome and what it would mean for not only her life but for the eight children that came into the world. It’s not just the mortgage on the huge home that she needs that consumes her I’m sure. There are so many other things like all the help she has to hire and I can’t imagine the astronomical amount of money each week it takes to feed all of those children! Just thinking about all of it makes my head spin.

Hopefully if nothing else, Hollywood will have some type of mercy on her and give her some type of role that will help feed her children which equal a small village. If nothing else, she has taught women in the world a huge lesson by learning from her mistakes.

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