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Casey Anthony Trial – Driving Me Crazy

kay, I don’t get to watch much television these days. Actually I don’t have much time to even breathe right now, thus me being behind on my blogging :( But when I do watch television, I only care to watch a select few channels. The cable company’s are so unfair making you pay a bill that reflects watching at least a hundred channels, when you only usually watch five. But one of the channels I do watch now is HLN and the fact that the life has been sucked out of it with this Casey Anthony trial is really triggering an irritation rash. First it was Nancy Grace who couldn’t get enough and who should have named her show the Casey Anthony show a year ago and now the trial is turning many news outlets into a Casey Anthony frenzy. Did you see the people who caused a stampede with all of their racing to get the best seats to the three ring circus? I believe at least one person was seriously hurt. Did they not wake up that morning with anything else to do with their lives that could have made at least an ounce worth of more sense?

I mean I will admit that when the O.J. Simpson trial hit the air waves every day, I did tune into some of it. But it did seem to have a little more question of guilt or innocence. The guy was also famous and no one can lie and say that the plot wasn’t intriguing with this young beautiful white waitress meeting this rich black charming athlete and sweeping her off her feet only to end up possibly murdering her in a fit of jealous rage years, marriage and children later. The Young and the Restless couldn’t compete during that trial. But this case seems to be as lack luster as it gets minus the slinging in of the dad and brother’s sexual abuse. I have to admit that one was a little bit of a left fielder. But the spoiled rebellious daughter who has a child that her parent’s end up raising and who gets a little too carried away with the chloroform one night when she’d rather go out and party than stay at home being a parent is unfortunately pretty cliche. Now most of these mother’s don’t end up killing the child like she did, but these types of family situation’s go on every day. And unlike O.J. who already got to experience fame, this girl is on cloud nine with all the attention that she is getting from her poor decisions.

But these cases, trials and the fact that people become so obsessed (even people like Dr. Drew) just show you how crazy our world is. I mean if we really cared about the victims here and less about the drama of the stage, then we would spend more time working to keep things like this happening from others through education, therapy and possibly even sterilization ;) I’m just tired of seeing her sit there day in and day out with nothing really going on upstairs other than what next lie she can tell. I will be glad when this one is finally over.

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