When You Can’t Be the Strong One

When You Can’t Be the Strong One

When you face problems in your life, there are times that you will go through things and have to face hard situations.  If you have lost someone or have experienced them going through some kind of chronic sickness, it can make your life hard.  Things never seem to get easier and each time that you have to face the situation, it feels like the first time and it never gets better.

You might feel stress, pressure and overwhelming emotions of sadness and fear.  Maybe, you even feel angry and you have to deal with the hurtful things that illnesses sometimes bring.

Life can put us in places where we have to be strong for other people even when we feel like we are falling apart inside.  Our lives will give us the idea that being strong is important and necessary and if you are weak, then you are going to be broken and not able to be fixed.

You don’t always have to be the strong one.  There are times when being weak is okay.


When you become weak, you might not want to share these feelings with other people.  You may feel that your closest friends don’t even need to know and wouldn’t understand what you are going through.  You might feel that you are in a constant battle with yourself and that you have negative feelings and emotions that you need to keep bottled up.

Being social is probably the last thing that you can think of and you might find that you avoid being out with people and stay by yourself so that you can think about the negative things that are going on in your life.  This can make it hard to be positive.

When you are not interacting with your friends, you will hear people talking about you and saying how negative you are.  You might even see that people don’t want to be around you because you are always negative.

The truth is, isolating yourself makes people question who you are but when you can be open to what is going on, your friends can help you.  They can see that you need to hear good things and they can be there to listen to you and to help you.

You might even find that people have their own emotions bottled up and your talking ot them helps them as much as they are helping you.

When you speak to your friends and tell them what you are going through, this can free you and help you to realize that isolating yourself is dangerous and hurtful to you, bring on more stress than you need in your life.

When you choose to be a loner and to isolate yourself, you have to fight the battle alone and you have no one on your side, not because they don’t want to be there, but because they don’t know.  You will feel that things are wrong, and you will push them away from giving your support.

Even if someone is not able to relate to what you are going through, opening up your feelings can allow them to bring you peace and comfort and can help you not be alone.

Hiding Your Feelings

One thing that people forget is that when you hold in your feelings that it causes you to have pressure and stress to build up in your life.  These feelings can end up being harmful to you and will never end good.  This can lead to you having high stress and anxiety and can cause you to be ill.

Even when you have high periods of stress, you need other people.  Hiding it and holding it in can make you sick in your body.  Being strong does not mean that you leave things bottled up and you hide your emotions.  Being strong is when you are able to find a positive way to let your emotions out and to release some of the energy that you have inside.

Be Vulnerable

All relationships need to be open and honest.  If you are not vulnerable in your relationship, do you really care and love them?  If you are in a romantic or a friendship relationship, this comes with a bit of vulnerability that is necessary for you to be real.

When you have situations in your life where you always have to be strong, this causes you to put up a wall and never allows anyone to cross it.

The more you have to fight your own battles, the higher your wall gets and the harder it is for you to make mistakes and leave room for error and the harder it is to be close to others.

Sometimes, you might realize that you were pushing people away and didn’t even know it.  You did this by choosing to fight your own battles and not letting anyone in.  This can cause you to hide your emotions.

Can you have a real relationship and not let people in?  The answer is no.  You have to open up and let people know what is going on inside of you.  If not, the relationship will not work and you will see that people are pushed away and that they are no longer with you.

By being strong all the time, you stop other people from seeing who you are and by letting them get to know you.  You have to be who you really are if you want to form strong relationships.

You don’t have to fight your battles alone.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable to others and admit that you are going through things and that you need a friend.  When hard times come, let people love you and be close to you.  Let them help you to overcome the obstacles that come at you.

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