Suburban Housewife

One of the great things about the internet is youtube and the fact that pretty much anyone can rise on the scene with whatever. I’m a fan of the facebook page “Moms Who Drink And Swear” and she posts some pretty hilarious stuff…obviously. Recently she shared a youtube video of a lady who performs some raps around her character “Suburban Housewife” and I must admit I have also found her skits to not only be hilarious but also to serve as a national public service announcement. There’s nothing funnier than the truth and this woman has found a great avenue to tell it. There are a few different videos that I’ve seen thus far. One is a Christmas one where she’s sporting some nice ornament earrings and is thrilled to receive a gift from her kids which is a bottle of Jack Daniels. Her description of the “Mother’s Cure” is Oxycontyn mixed with Jack and she swears that it “looks like ice tea”. No doubt her tune is quite catchy.

There’s another than describes her day as a housewife and in the actual video, she is driving a car like many rapper’s do in their videos, but rather than scantily clad women dancing around her, she’s got what seems to be the men off her block half naked and pouring soap everywhere. The last one I can think of is a mockery of Hannah Montana’s “GNO” song which apparently stands for “Girl’s Night Out”. She demonstrates a typical suburban housewife’s night out on the town which leads her to being called a cougar. I think what’s so appealing about this lady besides her catchy cursing and lyrics is the fact that she does actually look like a real suburban mom who is the actual real size of a woman. Her suburban comrades are pretty believable as well. It’s all quite lovely. Here’s one of her video’s and you should be able to find the others on youtube as well. Liberating the suburban housewife and providing laughs all at the same time, brilliant!

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