Working at Home

“Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” sparks the stay at home mom debate…again

Unfortunately a majority of mom’s need to go out and work 40 hour work weeks to support themselves and their families, but for some reason there is always a debate about women working out of the home and “leaving” the kids at daycare. This latest show on TLC, Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, is the most recent catalyst for angry emails and discussions among many women. On the show, the mom has been taken from the home and away from her children to pursue another possible passion. At the end of the show, she must make a decision between the job or returning home full-time.

In the episodes where the woman chooses to pursue her new found career, there are many mothers out there who criticize, call the woman selfish and say the show is encouraging child abandonment. While having been on both sides of the fence myself, I can say that both sides have valid view points. However attacking each other rather than the problem never solves anything. Can we remind ourselves of this one more time: attacking each other, rather than the problem solves nothing.

Let’s face it. Bills need to be paid, children need both parents and many parents want a life as more than a parent. The fact that we live in a country that isn’t child-friendly and leaves parents facing the huge struggle of feeling the need to choose or not having the choice is the problem. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. This is a great big fall for women across the world. Unite and change it.

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