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Five Unique Parenting Picks

Parenting blogs around the web always hit on some hot topics, and this round is no exception. Here are five great posts that I found while cruising this week around the net.

Mom/Career Network Site This post gives you a link to a great resource site called It’s great for networking and is geared towards women who are looking re-enter the workplace after being out of the loop for awhile with their kiddies. That’s not all though, it’s got all kinds of mom and career stuff, so click on over & check it out!

Stepford Moms This is a humorous post about what one mom comes up with as “stepford moms”. I don’t happen across any of these daily in my neck of the woods, but I know they are out there. I don’t like stereotyping or judging, but sometimes I realize it’s almost impossible not to do with some people. I’m sure they have souls lurking way down inside, just waiting to get out but somehow just never found the path to escape…even after highschool, great post.

Goodbye TV! This post is about doing whaaaat?? Getting rid of the boob tube! A friend of mine just told me (she’s without kiddos) that she got rid of hers. She said I would just sit there for hours in the same position, watching trash t.v. like Ray J. (no offense to Ray J., he’s not alone). While I feel I have more control over my watching habits, I do know there is a huge valid statement in that move. Oh, the things I could do, be and create if I weren’t watching television even a few hours a wk…this one is to be continued.

Abortion Story So far, I haven’t went the abortion route yet. No posts or topics on this hot, way too hot parenting subject. But it will come. Until then…here’s a great post on one woman’s journey.

Family Size Not too far from the blog post above, how can family size not be a hot topic these days? Litters used to be born. They needed to be in order to help on the farm I guess. But now times have changed, and children can seem more like accessories, very very expensive accessories. I think that it’s unfair for people to pass judgement on how many children someone has, however I get it. I never expected nor dreamt I would be a mother of three, but when you have two at a time, the number just suddenly dramatically increases in one fail swoop for some reason! I just heard this week of someone else I know having multiples. What is in that water?! She has my prayers. Once again, such a great topic, this to may be a “to be continued”.

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