Designer Babies

So is the day really ever going come where you pick out and purchase your future child’s features like you would for a home you are building? According to some, it definitely may.

There is what they call “gene therapy” that is currently used to help filter out genetic disorders and diseases, however some clinics are allowing couples to actually pick the sex of their child. It seems that this whole side of science and technology is moving at such a rapid pace that no one is able to really put a red button on it in order to figure out the potential consequences.

While some say that American’s don’t seem to give preference to boys or girls, whose to say that this will not result in a sex population imbalance like the one that already exists in countries like China and India where there is preference? I could say that one positive side effect could be that it would eliminate the over-sized families that kept trying for that boy or girl. My grandparents had 5 girls partially due to it being back in the good ole days without too much thought into birth control and the other side being in hopes for my grandfather to get a son.

But to even take it further by deciding a child’s height along with other features etc., is going to take a great leap into the unknown. While I don’t disagree that it is probably not too far from the concept of plastic surgery, it does take some of the fun out of the actual creation of a child. I mean are we coming from an angle of love, where we fall in love with someone and want our child to resemble and have the traits of both of their parents, or are we more in love with an image of what we want our child to look like and go for that? It definitely opens up a whole world of questions without any real answers.

I know I got the children I was meant to have and wouldn’t change one thing physically about any of them. If there was a way to design their personality would you take away some of the tantrum throwing or any of their negatives personality wise? Hmmmmm….I’d say it would get pretty boring in this world to have “perfect” children, but hey, what do I know? lol

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